Moorish-American Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of the Land

Cherokee-El, Choctaw-Bey, Seminole-Dey,Creek (Muskogee)-Al, & Chickasaw-Ali. These are the “Five Tribes of Washitaw” also know as the “Iroquois Confederation”, which the Constitution phor the united States North American Republic comes from & is Built upon the “Principles of 7″ or “Circle 7″, Example: It has 7 Articles that Govern the “Trinity” of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches, Ex
ample: 7 Days of the Week, the 7 Cardinal Colors, the 7 Key Notes in the Musical Scale, the 7 Chakras, the 7 Continents, the 7 Seas, the 7 Liberal Arts, the 7 Virtues, the 7 Sins, the 7 Mathematics: (the 7 stages of development in the Womb then Birth): The 1st 7 yrs. are the Age of Reason, the 2nd 7 yrs. are the Age of Puberty, the 3rd 7 yrs. are the Age of Maturity), that is when the Grand Architects of the Uni-verse “She” divided her 28 Day Cycle into 4 equal parts of 7 (Key 99,100,101 How many Days in a Creation, “7″ Days, How many Days in a Week, “7″ Days, How many Days in a Year according to “Science”, “7″ Days), the 28 Day Cycle of the Moon is Within her “Wo-Man”, these are the “Circle 7″ or the “Cycle 7″ & are the Principles that operate “Civilization”. The adapters of this Constitution agreed to operate under these “Principles” to be in “Harmony” with “Nature” (“Isonomi Principles” which the Republic for the united States of America was form on ), hence “Mother Nature”,LTPFJ; I.S.L.A.M. Return of the Matriarch; Each One, Teach One Moabites. They went away from the “Original” Constitution to the one phor the “Corporation Government” (De Facto), but the Original was Re-inhabited on (Circa) 31 Mar 2010 & is in effect as we speak. “Islamism”. Eye-come in Love and Leave You In Peace.


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