Truth Does Not Change or Pass Away: Cherokee-El; Choctaw-Bey; Seminole-Dey; Creek (Muskogee)-Al; and the Chickasaw-Ali; These are the “Five Tribes of Washitaw” all registered with the Department of Justice under Political status Truth A-1 Confidential; Freehold Birthright Inheritance Registration Number AA222141 {The Great Binding Law of Gayanashgwa} (Clock of Destiny), as recorded with the Department of Justice also under the “Treaty of Peace and Friendship” with the U.S. This is Americana / Ameru / Al-Morocco; Northwest Africa / Northwest Amexem / North America / North Gate: the “Pyramid” with the “Eye”, is the Symbol phor this land from the top of the Yukon, to the Tip of Southwest Africa / Southwest Amexem / South Gate (South America), This is INTERNATIONAL LAW, & the Sultan of Morocco is over This Land. We are Moorish-American Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples of the Land, “Moslems” of North America, NOT MUSLIMS! We are from the Original Islamic Creed which existed here phor CENTURIES, hence the Ishma-El Tribe of the Ohio Valley. Know YOUR History, or you will follow “His-Story”, I,Self, Law, Am, Master,(I.S.L.A.M.),NOT Islam. Love,Truth,Peace,Freedom,and Justice (The 5 Points of Light), Eye-come in Peace and eye-leave you in Love, Return of the Matriarch

Thoughts and Truth from the Impossible Life

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Founded by a militant Muslim. Holy Islamville is a Muslim village in South Carolina, established by His Eminence, El-Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, in 1983 as Islamville, SC. Upon the event o…

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  1. moadeeb59 Post author

    Do Not connect the “Moslems” of North America with these “Muslim” infidels,Love,Truth,Peace,Freedom,and Justice; Eye-come in Love and leave you in Peace


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